Thursday 11th July Ref: 2019/19

Today, we set off on a slow cruise south-east down the Ijsselmeer from Hinderloopen to Enjhuizen. We re-passed the Hinderloopen entrance and then that of Stavoren harbour; running the gauntlet of its fishermen’s marker buoys before skirting the Vrouwezand sandbanks and approaching Enkhuizen along the leading line and buoyed channel. A radio call on VHF 12 resulted in the lady manually rising the Drommedaris bridge so that we could moor in our favourite Oude Haven. 

Kathleen and I first made a shore visit to buy the donkey cuddly ‘Eeyore’ from ‘Knuffels Handmade’ in a display that is normally put out in a basket by the road. We also bought some groceries, which included four fine croissants, which we ate once back on board.

As predicted in the detailed weather forecasts, the rain eased later in the morning as we prepared to set off at 10:45am and then had all but stopped during our three hour cruise to Enkhuizen. During this cruise we first set off  North-North-West out of the Hindeloopen buoyed channel and then turned South with the slight breeze behind us, skirting the channel buoys of Stavoren and dodging the many fishing marks that had been set within reach of this port.

We then dodged the Vrouwezand sandbank before setting a course for the Enkhuizen approach channel, navigating inside the Krabbersgat barrier and then turning right into the Buitenhaven. After raising the lady bridge-keeper on VHF 12, we then turned right again to pass under the Drommedaris lifting bridge to enter and moor up in the Oude Haven.

We moored lady Martina towards the north-west corner of the Oude Haven alongside a grassy bank where there was plenty of power and water and Icon moored more centrally on the northern bank, finding their own space. Upon arrival, they invited us to join them for beer and, because Maggie fancied some kibbling, she guided us towards the fish handel she had been recommended to, Thomas Kilda and son opposite the moorings, where we all enjoyed lunch. This Fish-handel sells fresh fish neuwe herring and eels in season as well as fresh and fried mussels.  Kibbling is also served either with chips or salad which was a combination that suited all of our tastes and I will now be recommending it as an alternative eating place for the venue.

The showers continued for most of the afternoon until the sun came out for much more pleasant evening, but it was still very warm and humid giving credence to the forecast of thunderstorms that are expected tomorrow. Kathleen and I took a walk to the VVV tourist office to get a map and sticker, but we deferred a visit to the extensive Zuiderzee museum until the following day and relaxed on the boat instead.

Cruise Data

Distance: 17 nm

Total to date: 474 nm

Avg Speed: 6 kn

Duration: 3:00 hrs

Diesel: 15 ltrs

Mooring:  €23.35/night 

Electricity: by sep card (always on)

Water: bysep card

WiFi: None

ANWB Waterkaart Y IJsselmeer Markermeer

All Bridges 

Drommedoris BB H26 [530h]

Locks - opening



VHF 12 for Drommedoris

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