Sunday 29th May  Ref: 2016/6a

A cooler day with a little light rain in the air for cycling the 8km or so from Monnickendam to Broek in Waterland and back. Not easily possible by boat, the bicycle (or 'fiets') was our chosen 'vessel' for the day

After first taking advice from the tourist information office, we found a cash machine nearby and then visited the nearby museum. There is lots of local information about Waterland and the big feature here (as elsewhere) was the great storm and flood of 2016,  which is just 100 years ago this year and even dwarfed the 1953 floods by its ferocity and effects; there being storm force 10 winds to accompany the high water levels. which demolished buildings and took 15 lives.

Then some coffee at a nearby bar before back to the boat to collect Max and start that long cycle ride. Being difficult to access by boat, the bicycle is the ideal way to visit this wonderful old town of  Broek in Waterland and we were not disappointed. The preferred route is out of the town to the main road and then across it under a tunnel to take the very long and open cycle route across the polder.  Max loved running along besides us and was very good at avoiding the wildlife.

Upon arrival, the beautiful old Protestant Broeker church was attended by a helpful man whose name was pronounced Ayco (probably spelt much different) and he was a very thoughtful and devoted helper in Broek manning St Nicholas Protestant Church this Sunday. His helpful guidance concerning the history of the settlement and the church was matched only by his very perceptive take on modern life and human nature. Thankfully, he had detected a movement back to social values and caring for each other as a welcome relief from the modern self-centred and pre-occupied society.  Some very uplifting experiences!!

The ride back was the more difficult with the presence of rain in the air and a very strong headwind but we made it and were pleased to rest back on board Lady Martina. 


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