Thursday 2nd July Ref: 2015/14

After some memorably hot and sunny days on the Isle of Wight, it was now time to head back to Itchin Marine, some moorings and our car so that we could drive back to Norfolk, book Max into kennels and then return for the start of our trip to The Channel Islands without him a couple of days later! This was planned as a two hour passage, nominally at 8 knots, but with a huge Spring following tide in still weather that promised to make the seas state flat and calm but these conditions often come with some fog and mod visibilty.... 

The course was a repeat of our previous lag down along the Solent, retracing our steps and passing west of the Brambles sandbank and along Calshot Reach and Southampton Water to the mouth of the River Itchin and thence under the bridge to arrive an hour before high water. It all went remarkably well until we were caught by a slight eddy on mooring but no harm done. Friend David Harrison was there to greet us and we chatted for a while about local boating issues 

The weather was : 20degC-28degC; RH 70-52%; 1015-1017 mb slowly rising;   calm/smooth seas,  mod viz, fair with wind 5-6 knots wind gusting 13 knots (variable, mainly SSW) F1/2


Cruise Data

Distance: 18nm

Total to date: 568 nm

Avg Speed:  8.5kn

Starting: 08:00 hrs UTC (Yar IOW Entrance)

Ending: 10:00 hrs UTC (Itchin Bridge)

Duration:  2:00 hrs 

Diesel: 30 ltrs (estimated)

Mooring:  : Yarmouth (IOW) £41.00 Itchin Marine TBA

Electricity: incl

Water: included

WiFi : free in Cowes, n/a in Itchin

Inshore Forecast 

All Forecasts 28th June 1200hrs

Selsey Bill to Lyme Regis: tba

Local Predicted Grib:  (v mainly Sly) 2-3 knots

Solent  Windfinder S 2-3 knots (gus 3), waves 0.5m (from WSW) F2 smooth/slight 1016-18mb 18-19degC


Tides (UTC)

Portsmouth  : HW 11:30 4.6 23:40 4.7  LW 04:23 0.8 & 16:45 0.9 

Southampton  : HW 11:02 4.5 23:14 4.6 LW 04:14 0.7 & 16:37 0.8

Yarmouth (IOW) : HW 10:31 3.0 22:39 3.0 LW 03:57 0.8 & 16:20 0.9


(see Chart Database)

 5600.21, 5600.4, 5600.9, 5605.10


(see Waypoint Database)

89, 90, 68, 167, 162, 161, 160, 168

VHF Channels

Southampton VTS 12, Yarmouth 68, 

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