Monday 24th August Ref: 2020/4


Another perfectly-timed and planned passage cruising from Wells-next-the-Sea to Lowestoft with the effects of a F5 20-knot wind ameliorated by the following 1.5-2.5 knot following tide so as to result in a slight to moderate following swell and sea. Leaving Wells an hour before after High Water as the last of the pleasure vessels, we carried the following tide all around the North Norfolk coast to Lowestoft.

The breeze was in the range of Force 5, 17-20 knots breeze, mostly westerly but varying from NWly to Swly during the passage. This followed our course on the stern as we gained between 1.5 to 3.5 knots of current and so, with a swell as forecast of .7m, Lady Martina was seeming to surf at times.

Apart from the first led out from the Wells channel to round the West Cardinal Marker, where the swell and waves were on our beam, the rest of the passage was firm and comfortable as Lady Martin sailed through the following sea and she made for a very stable platform as we ate our breakfast and lunch underway.

The cruise took us back past the familiar Norfolk coastal resorts of Blakeney, Cley, Weybourne, Sherringham Cromer, Trimmingham, Mundesley, Bacton, Happisburgh, Sea Palling, Horsey and Winterton before we entered the Yarmouth Road via the Cockle Gateway and passed the wind farm as we cruise south in calm waters to Lowestoft. 

We re-fueled with 733 litres of deisel upon arrival whilst the red variety was still available and treated it with an anti-bug and anti-moisture additative because this fuel ws going to be kept for some while.

Lady Martina was functioning well the cruise was completed without problem. 

24-28 degC; RH 58→43%; 1013mb steady ; slight/moderate seas with 17-20 knot F5 mainly SWly breeze which veered NWly, good visibility fine weather

Cruise Data

Distance: 58 nm

Total to date: 157 nm

Avg Speed: 8.3-9.7 kn

Duration: 6:00 hrs

Diesel: 144 ltrs

Mooring: £30/night at Wells Harbour

Electricity: incl.

Water: Free

WiFi: Free


5614.7 5614.6(5), 5614.5(6), 5614.3,  


pilotage then 149, 114-113, 099, 097, 095, 106

Bridges - Fixed


Locks - opening


Tides (UTC)

Monday 24th August: Wells HW 09:39 6.3, 22:12 5.7;  (Immingham) HW 09:19 7.4, 21:57 6.8: Lowestoft HW 00:47 2.4, 12:52 2.7 LW 06:42 0.9 , 19:30 0.5  Dover (tidal flows) HW 02:13 6.6, 14:40 6.8 

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