This section describes a variety of cruises that are planned to take place withing the East and West Netherlands throughout June and July 2016. They are initially planned to be very similar to the itinerary followed during the very successful 2006 season which confirmed much of the content that formed part of my book The Inland Waterways of the Netherlands published by Imrays. 

Once in Amsterdam, we will probably go back by air and then drive across with Max in a car and leave it in Holland for return trips home on shore leave as the 'Dog Passport Scheme' works best for car journeys via ferries. There will be at last one or two period of 'shore leave' planned in this way and then we shall drive back to England with Max by car and, kenneling him again, return by air again and then bring Lady Martina home later in August. By cruising up The Yare to Brundall,  we plan to leave the vessel for any service and repair work needed before cruising locally and then home in September to Horning


Dutch Waterways

Dutch Waterways

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