Flevoland and The Randmeren: 30th June to 9th July 2016: 11 days; A route via the IJsselmeer  to Urk and then via the Ketelmeer and randmeren to Elberg, Harderwijk, Spakenburg and then Naarden before emerging in the Randmeren for Muiden

Part 1. 30th June Lemmer to Urk see http://www.ladymartina.com/cruise-logs/2016/east-coast-cruises-10/flevoland-6/lemmer-urk-2

Part 2. 2nd/3rd July Urk to Elburg see http://www.ladymartina.com/cruise-logs/2016/east-coast-cruises-10/flevoland-6/urk-elburg-3

Part 3. 5th July Elburg to Nijkerk see http://www.ladymartina.com/cruise-logs/2016/east-coast-cruises-10/flevoland-6/elburg-nijkerk-3

Part 4. 6th July Nijkerk to Spakenberg see http://www.ladymartina.com/cruise-logs/2016/east-coast-cruises-10/flevoland-6/elburg-nijkerk-4

Part 5. 8th July Spakenburg to Amsterdam via Naarden http://www.ladymartina.com/cruise-logs/2016/east-coast-cruises-10/flevoland-6/elburg-nijkerk-5

Part 6. 9th July Amsterdam to Muiden see http://www.ladymartina.com/cruise-logs/2016/east-coast-cruises-10/flevoland-6/amsterdam-muiden-6

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