Monday 10th August Ref: 2015/26

After leaving Lady Martina in Ramsgate for a week, we returned on board at the beginning of two very good days for cruising weather and so started to make our way back to Norfolk. High tides were early in the day, which meant there was no problem in getting out of the inner marina at Ramsgate to be able to re-fuel and then to carry the ebb tide all of the way up the coast before joining the flood tide to get up the river to Ipswich!

High water was around 9am local time and so we could cast off an hour or so beforehand and cruise through the open gate and bridge to the outer harbour and tie up at the fuel berth where I needed some 800+litres of diesel to fill up; having not bought any fuel since leaving Guernsey. We then had a following breeze and tide all of the way up the coast and the River Orwell, locking through Ipswich Lock and mooring at the Haven Marina, right next to the office and dog walking area

The weather was forecast as very good and so it turned out to be.  Just about smooth seas throughout with a very slight swell

27-32degC, 35-45-36%RH, 1017-1013mb falling, Good Viz, smooth/calm seas, 4-12kn breeze variable, mainkly southerly with the following tide

Cruise Data

Distance: 58nm

Total to date: 1091 nm

Avg Speed:  8.8kn

Starting: 09:10 hrs UTC (Ramsgate Marina)

Ending: 15:45 hrs UTC (Ipswich Lock)

Duration:  6:35 hrs 

Diesel: 110 ltrs (estimated)

Mooring:  :     £221.39 per week; Ipswich Haven £30.10/night

Electricity: free 15A

Water: included

WiFi :  Good and free at both

Inshore Forecast 

Windfinder Ramsgate (0545) : S 5-11kn (gusting 14kn) 0.2-0.4 swell SW 

Windfinder Harwich (1740, 9th) : S 7-12kn (gusting 16kn) 0.3-0.4 v swell S

Met Office Inshore Forecast S or SW 3/4 occ 5 later in S.; smooth or slight Th Rain later  Good

GRIB 5-10kn SW

Tides (UTC, Springs)

Dover : HW 07:31 5.6 & 20:06 5.7, LW 01:52 1.9 & 14:24 1.9

Ramsgate: HW 08:04 4..3 & 20:34 4.4, LW 02:09 1.0 & 14:47 1.1

Walton: HW 07:59 3.7 & 20:29 3.8, LW 01:35 1.0 & 14:08 1.0

Harwich: HW 07:54 3.4 & 20:25 3.5, LW 01:22 0.9 & 13:53 1.0

Ipswich: HW 08:15 3.5 & 20:47 3.6, LW 01:24 0.8 & 13:56 0.9

Bridges/Locks (UTC)

Open gate times Ramsgate to inner Marina 06.04 to 10:04 

Charts(see Chart Database)

 5605.15, 5607.1, 5607.2, 5607.5, 5607.4,  5607.6,  5607.7 (plan B & C), 


(see Waypoint Database)

76, 50-51, 103, 108, 127-129, 134-144,

VHF Channels

 Ramsgate 14, Marina 80, Lock 14, Dover VTS 74, Ipswich Dock 68. Marinas 80

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