Lady Martina and Muidenslot castle
Lady Martina and Muidenslot castle

This section describes the cruises that Lady Martina took around Amsterdam and the southern Markermeer positioning the boat for the convenience of our visitors and preparing for our trip home from the Netherlands to Norfolk

Nearby Markermeer and Nordzeekanaal venues such as Muiden and others provide interest and variety away from Amsterdam which, with its Airport and central station and nearby port of IJmuiden were needed for our complex departure and travel arrangements. Kathleen has by this time become very familiar with Lady Martina and capable as a crew and does not want the holiday to finish as she has been enjoying it so much.

Upon arrival back in the Norfolk Broads, we cruised through Lowestoft and up to Beccles before taking Lady Martina to Brooms at Brundall, dropping off Innes and then leaving the boat there for the rest of the Summer and Autumn as illness struck the skipper and so the winter repairs and maintenance were brought forward. 

The work done, the weather and tides being right and the crew fit Lady Martina was brought home to her proper place alongside Heronshaw in Horning




Part 1 10th July Muiden to Amsterdam see

Part 2. 12th July Amsterdam to Zaanstad see

Part 3. 14th July Amsterdam to IJmuiden see

Part 4. 22nd July IJmuiden to Lowestoft see

Part 5. 23rd July Lowestoft to Beccles see

Part 6. 24th July Beccles to Brundall see

Part 7. 13th November Brundall to Horning see




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