Saturday 13th July Ref: 2019/20

After two days in Enkhuizen, we set off at 8.30am, as soon as the Drommerdoris Bridge opened and could be radioed on VHF channel 12 and then we approached the Naviduct Krabbersgat and moored up until they locked us through with a few other vessels. Having left the Ijsselmeer and joined the Markermeer, we cruised closely and steadily around the Appelhoek and De Kleiput headlands until we approached Hoorn. We entered the Binnenhaven to find a used boat show along the main quay and a special festival on the grassy north bank, but we first moored up for free water before rafting up with Ikon. 

Chris from Ikon had suggested that we call in on Hoorn early today, in order that we might enjoy the Saturday summer market there and we had intended to leave as early as 8am, but I had read ANWB Book 2 that the opening time was 8:30 AM, and that’s what it proved to be. This allowed me a little time to walk to the baker’s to buy four fresh croissants but I did not have time to get my 'marina card' topped up in order for us to take on more water.

As the opening time approached, I made a radio call on channel 12 to request the bridge opening and received a cheery acknowledgement that they would do so in 5 to 10 minutes, but it was more like 15 before the lights went red and green and the barriers started to move. After cruising slowly through the outer harbour, we set off across the channel towards the Naviduct Krabbersgat in company with several other vessels and then moored up in this vast lock before the sluis-keeper close the gates.

There was hardly noticeable change of level, before the other gates were opened but the keeper either forgot or could not turn the lights green and all the boats waited in vain to leave. It was only when he closed the gate and then open it again, following at least one radio message from me, that the lights went green we were able to continue. I led the flotilla out of the sluis into the Markermeer, cruising slowly at about 6 kn but fast enough to leave all the sailing vessels behind us as I rounded both the Appelhoek and De Kleiput headlands quite closely and turned towards Hoorn.

Once we arrived in Hoorn, we cruised through to the Binnenhaven and across to the water berth where, to my surprise, I found a vessel permanently moored there with a 'no morning' sign across it’s beam! After my message on the loudhailer, the harbourmaster came across and invited us to moor against this vessel and take in the water that we required and it transpired that this was just one boat in a whole range of other boats that were moored along that bank in some kind of used boat sales event.

The only moorings for visiting boats were on the other, Northern grassy, bank, where other boats were leaving which gave us the gap for Ikon and Lady Martina to moor alongside each other. The rain was still falling, as thunderstorms had been forecast but fortunately avoided, and time was moving on and so both Kathleen and Maggie had gone off to the market to do some shopping whilst the rest of us sorted out the boats and moored them securely.

On our bank, there was another festival of sorts with various events and catering and music. Whilst the girls were away, I had coffee on board Ikon with the guys and we had a good chat, before they too left for the market. I then took a short walk along the food booths, choosing a smoked eel sandwich for my own lunch. Later on, the music was turned up, there were many events including some ‘dragon boat’ racing but I just enjoyed entertaining the others on board Lady Martina and writing my journal.

Kathleen and I had made another foray into town to choose and buy a replacement electric kettle for the one that had failed a few days ago and, after I had replaced its power cable for an English three pin version, it worked very well and the boat’s electrical system coped well with its high wattage to give us a fast boiling experience. 

Cruise Data

Distance: 10 nm

Total to date: 484 nm

Avg Speed: 6 kn

Duration: 3:00 hrs

Diesel: 16 ltrs

Mooring:  €28.05  /night 

Electricity: incl.

Water: incl.

WiFi: incl

ANWB Waterkaart Y IJsselmeer Markermeer

All Bridges 

Drommedoris BB H26 [530h],

Locks - opening

Naviduct Krabbergat [530fa]


VHF 12 for Drommedoris, 22 for Naviduct Krabbergat, 74 for Markermeer

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