Monday 6th July Ref: 2015/16

This was planned to get the best weather, tidal conditions and timings through Cap de la Hague to give the calmest passage possible. Also to take the 'back eddy' approaching the Cap from Cherbourg and then to take the advantage of the strong following tide through Alderney Race down to Guernsey. This passage was brought forward as this day is the only possible one for the next few days on the evidence of weather forecasts and it was anticipated that it might be a bit more bumpy than we would have preferred!

The wind we finally experienced was a maximum of 11kn starting S,  backing SE and falling to 7kn and the swell kicked in around the Cap de la Hague with turbulence off of Brofort to the Cap increased the sea state from slight/smooth up to moderate for twenty minutes or so. We could probably avoided such a lumpy section by cruising further offshore as a flotilla of sailing vessels had seemed to try.   

The port has quite a network of pontoons in the outer harbour these days and we had to wait there until let in and rafted up at HW-90mins by which time there was over 3m over the sill into Victoria Marina. This was noit too much of a hardship as it was a fine, balmy and very still and sunny evening for us to sit on decks and relax whilst enjoying a fine sunset

It was warm generally  20degC-25degC; RH 30-42-35%; 1017mb steady until falling later to 1015mb


Cruise Data

Distance: 44nm

Total to date: 692 nm

Avg Speed:  8.8kn

Starting: 11:30 hrs UTC (Cherbourg Petite Rad LT 13:45 at the moles)

Ending: 16:30 hrs UTC (St Peter Port  Waiting Pontoon LT 17:45)

Duration:  05:00 hrs 

Diesel: 75 ltrs (estimated)

Mooring:  :  Cherbourg €21.86 per night St Peter Port £30 per night

Electricity: incl (6A Cherbourg and button pressing, 15A at St PP constant)

Water: included

WiFi : free at both

Inshore Forecast 

All Forecasts 6th July 0600hrs on day of cruise

Selsey Bill to Lyme Regis: 0600 UTC  6th July

Southwest 4 or 5, backing southeast 3 or 4 later. Slight, bec. moderate later.  Mod/Good viz, vpoor later. 

** The new Inshore Forecast for The Channel Islands (0600 6th) is looking very good indeed this morning : S3/4 bec. SE by midday going SW overnight  4/ 5, decreasing 3 to 4 overnight. Sea state. Slight occ mod overnight. Weather Fair. Visibility Good.   

Local Predicted Grib:  (mainly S-SWly) 4-8 knots

Cherbourg: Windfinder SW going SEly 11 red. to 4 knots (gusting 13 at first), waves 0.7m (from W) F2/3 slight 1020-1017mb 16-19degC

Alderney: Windfinder S going Wly 11kn reducing to 4 kn (gusting 14 at first), waves 0.7m (from W) F2/3 slight 1009-1007mb 16-19degC

St Peter Port: Windfinder SE going Wly 12kn reducing to 6 kn (gusting 15 at first14), waves 1.1m (from W) F2/3 slight 1007-1004mb 15-17degC

Tides (UTC)

Dover  : HW 01:26 6.6 13:52 6.8  LW 09:02 0.9 & 21:28 0.8 

Cherbourg : HW 10:49 6.2  LW 05:14 1.1 & 17:35 1.4

St Peter Port: HW 19:26 9.0 21:44 9.1  LW 03:27 1.2 & 15:45 1.6


(see Chart Database)

 5604.3, 5604.10 5604.11


(see Waypoint Database)

220, 219, 218, 82, 83, 84

VHF Channels

Cherbourg  St Peter Port

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