Voyages of Lady Martina – our 2020 season plans and subsequent achievements

This section summarises the cruises planned for Lady Martina in 2020 and evolves with constant updates and additions.

Whilst plans were always subject to the weather, the serviceability of the vessel and health and well-being of the crew, this summarises our cruising intentions and acts as a guide for friends and family who we wanted to visit us at every opportunity as valued guests.

An additional consideration this year, has been the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, delaying, as it has, all cruising activity domestic and international throughout the spring and early summer of 2020. There have also been uncertainties about the implications of Brexit, impacting both the availability of red diesel for the future and complicating the arrangements for arriving at and leaving adjacent countries in Europe. As a result, we were not able to get on Lady Martina until late July ready to start some local cruising in the month of August.

As our plans for individual cruises take the reader to the details of each passage as they happen. 

Section I - Southwold - Thursday 13th August to Saturday 15th August (3 days incl. 1 lay-day)

Following an initial proving cruise, it was concluded that the 'Broads antifouling' that had previously adequately protected Lady Martina's hull whilst being moored in Horning had not been sufficient to keep the whole clean during recent months at the Royal Norfolk and Suffolk yacht club in Lowestoft. We therefore arranged the vessel to come out in Lake Lothing where the hull was cleaned off and was coated with two good layers of Seajet 033 Shogun antifouling; which comes highly recommended for protecting hulls from the East Coast of England at the moment. Whilst out of the water, we enlisted the services of experienced professional yacht surveyor Dominic who concluded that the hull was 'as sound as a bell', which was reassuring. As Lady Martina had been virtually unused since the last full service conducted by Johnston's Boatyard at St Olaves, she was now in good condition for any possible use.

There being limited international cruising opportunities, with return journeys from both France and the Netherlands being subject to a 14 day quarantine, it felt better to concentrate what was left of the season for visits to the East Coast

Part 1. Thursday 13th August-  Lowestoft to Southwold see Lowestoft to Southwold 2020

Part 2. Saturday 15th August - Southwold to Lowestoft see  Southwold to Lowestoft 2020


Section II - Wells next the Sea  - Tuesday 18th August to Tuesday 25 August (7 days incl. 5 lay days) 

Part 1. Tuesday 18th August 2020  - Lowestoft to Wells-next-the-Sea see  Lowestoft to Wells-next-the-Sea 2020

Part 2. Monday 24th August 2020  - Wells-next-the-Sea to Lowestoft see  Wells-next-the-Sea to Lowestoft 2020


Section III - Southwold - Friday 4th September to Monday 7th September (4 days incl. 2 lay-days)

Part 1. Friday 4th September -  Lowestoft to Southwold see Lowestoft to Southwold 2020 2

Part 2. Monday 7th August - Southwold to Lowestoft see  Southwold to Lowestoft 2

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