Saturday 30th April to Sunday 1st May Ref: 2016/1

The Spring re-positioning cruise for Lady Martina to Brooms at Brundall for annual mechanical service, ventilator fan replacement, and repairs/modifications to stainless steel ladder and liferaft basket. The opportunity was also taken to welcome aboard Meridian Chartware for the installation of a built-in Vasari Solid state fanless PC and new chart software

Saturday April 30th was chilly with clouds threatening, as we had to stop, moor and drop our mast and canopy at Acle Bridge to get under the 11ft headroom. The late low tide also made a transit of Great Yarmouth that evening preferable but this involved cruising under the Bure Bridges and across Breydon Water at dusk and mooring up in Reedham in the dark, When fog had added to the hazards of cruising any further

The final leg from Reedham to Brundall was accomplished but after a long wait for the Reedham Swing Bridge but the rest of the voyage to Brundall was achieved without further difficulty in fine weather.

We filled up with 407.1 litres of diesel upon arrival and had a pump-out before leaving Lady Martina and driving home

Cruise Data

Distance: 31 nm

Total to date: 31 nm

Avg Speed: 5 kn

Duration: 8:30 hrs

Diesel: 32 ltrs

Mooring: Free

Electricity: Free

Water: Free


Norfolk Broads

Bridges - Fixed

Acle 11ft

Bure Bridges 10ft 6in

Breydon Bridge 13ft

Bridges - opening

Reedham Swing ch12

Tides (UTC)

Saturday 30th April: Lowestoft HW 14:56 2.2, LW 08:34 1.2, & 21:31 0.9 Gorleston HW 14:21 2.2 LW 08:04 1.2 & 21:09 0.9  Yacht Station LW 09:04 & 22:04 (10:04 & 23:04 LT)

Sunday 1st May  Lowestoft HW 16:06 2.2, LW 09:52 1.2 & 22:57 0.8 Gorleston HW 15:31 2.2 LW 09:22 1.2 & 22:27 0.8  Yacht Station LW 10:22 & 23:27 (11:22 & 24:37 LT)

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