Tuesday 9th September to Wednesday 10th September Ref: 2014/7

A good two-day trip with Lady Martina leading the way for Ikon and Lady Carolyn down the confusing Deben channel and through the tricky Deben entrance to cruise on to Lowestoft and, after spending the night at the RNSYC, and then under the faulty railway bridge and through Mutford Lock before crusing along Oulton Dyke and The Waveney and New Cut via the Yare to Breydon Water and hence under the Bure Bridges and up the Bure back home to Horning

On day one, we left the Tide Mill with 1.85m over the sill and lead the way down the Deben and slowly past the Waldringford boat moorings to avoid making wash. We were following the very tricky meandering channel, using our past computer track as a very useful aid. Lady Martina was still leading the way at around 8/9 knots out of the tricky Deben entrance towards the fairway buoy and then going forward to 15knots for the passage. We passed yacht 'Gooseander' which we subsequently saw in Lowestoft after our own safe arrival at the RNSYC where we moored for the night.

On Day two, we passed under the raised Lowestoft Bascule bridge at 0930am UTC and proceeded along Lake Lothing to moor up at the Oulton Broad Mutford Lock waiting pontoon after struggling under the faulty Oulton Broad railway bridge with masts down together with Ikon and Lady Carolyn before we were locked through into Oulton Broad and thus could cruise along Oulton Dyke and then up the Waveney. Quite easily past the rail swing bridge at Somerleyton which we had contacted on VHF Ch 12. Thereafter along the New Cut and under the Haddisco High Bridge before joining the Yare below Reedham Bridge and then crusing downstream and across Breydon Water before mooring up at the waiting pontoon with 1.5knots of tide rushing under us! Then under the Bure Bridges with only 1.7m of depth in this stretch of the Lower Bure at times to pass Dove House farm as the sun was setting. There was no point in trying to stop at Stokesby as the moorings were full with two boats waiting and so we left our past and canopy down before raising them after passing under Acle Bridge and whilst still underway. Thurne Mouth moorings were also fully occupied and so we cruised on, slowing for anglers a Cockshoot Broad and then arrived back home at Horning in early evening as the sun was setting beautifully

The sea state had started off calm and continued Smooth to Slight and then became calm again with the tides in our favour on day one and then against on Day 2. Visibility was good throughout and the weather warm with no change   

The planned trip to Southwold had to be cancelled, and our return undertaken swiftly, because of my crew's family problems in Watford

28.1→17degC ; RH 31→55%; 1021mb steady; smooth/slight/calm seas; good visibility; light breeze

Cruise Data

Distance: 80 nm (91 Log)

Avg Speed: 6.17.5 kn (7.3 Log)

Started: 10:05 hrs UTC, day 1

Ended: 15:30 hrs UTC, day 1

Started: 08:45 hrs UTC, day 2

Ended: 15:20 hrs UTC, day 2

Duration: 18:30 hrs

Diesel: 160 ltrs

Fuel taken on: 240l for £277.84

Mooring: £40

Electricity: Included

Water: Free

Inshore Forecast

NE3/4 occ 5 later Inshore Gbrltpt to N.For

Tides (UTC)

Tuesday 9th September: Woodbridge Tide Mill HW 12.13 4.3, Woodbridge Haven HW 11.33 4.0, Southwold HW 1001 2.8,  Lowestoft HW 0856 2.8, LW 15:38, Walton on Naze HW 11,33 4.5 

Wednesday 10th September: Lowestoft HW 0943 2.9, LW 16.24 0.2


(see Chart Database)

Deben chartlet, 5607.7, 5607.6, 1535, 1543

plus River Deben entrance chartlet (East Coast Pilot)


(see Waypoint Database) 445→442, 444, 001, 93→95, 106

VHF Channels

 Lowestoft 14, Gt Yarmouth and bridges 12,, Intership 77


3 fixed  Haddisco High ( 23'),  R.Bure(min 3.5m), (Acle 11')

1 opening Lowestoft Bascule, Oulton Broad Road, (Oulton Broad Rail failed), Somerleyton, 


Mutford Lock 

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