Section II - South Coast – 13th to 17th June 2016 (5 days):

Unfortunately, after such splendidly warm, sunny and calm weather and progress down the East Coast to Ramsgate, the weather broke and stormy seas and winds delayed our further progress. By good planning, we were in the shelter of the inner marina at Ramsgate and spent five days undertaking repairs/maintenance and planning future cruises before taking some shore leave to deal with matters at home.  We then planned to progress along the Sussex and Hampshire coasts to Portsmouth and then the Isle of Wight, before crossing The English Channel for the next section in France.  For an overview of the previous Section, see South Coast Cruises 2017 and for the forthcoming section see Normandy Coast Cruises 2017

Part 1. Tuesday 13th June Ramsgate to Brighton (Achieved) see Ramsgate to Brighton 2017

Part 2. Wednesday 14th June Brighton to Portsmouth (Achieved) see Brighton to Portsmouth 2017

Part 3. Friday 16th June Portsmouth to Lymington (Achieved) see Portsmouth to Lymington 2017

Part 4. Saturday 17th June Lymington to Cherbourg (Achieved) see Lymington to Cherbourg 2017


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