Wednesday 9th June Ref: 2021/2

This was another well-timed passage, casting off in slack water at Southwold and then carrying a 1-2knot tide north towards Lowestoft. The fouling of the Lady Martina hull seemed to be less of a problem in holding up progress through the water but arrangements were made upon arrival for a lift out and power wash the following week.  

The seas state was still slight but a later passage in the day meant that the seas breeze had kicked in but it was still calm enough that no wash-down was needed upon arrival at The Royal Norfolk & Suffolk Yacht Club.

The speed comparison was being complicated by one of our hull transducers under-reading and requiring calibration some time but it seemed that we achieved another knot and a half through the water at 1275 rpm. We also had good visibility and warm temperatures and so the cruise went very well. 

22 degC; RH 62%; 1022mb steady ; smooth seas with 9-11 knot breeze, s/swly; good visibility

Cruise Data

Distance: 14 nm

Total to date: 28 nm

Avg Speed: 8.4 kn

Duration: 1:40 hrs

Diesel: 35 ltrs

Mooring: £30.50/night at Southwold Harbour

Electricity: £4.30

Water: Free

WiFi: Free


1535, 1543


101-102, 93-95, 106

Bridges - Fixed


Locks - opening


Tides (UTC)

Wednesday 9th June: Lowestoft HW 09:02 2.36, 21:03 2.28; LW 14:58 0.87 Southwold HW 10:07 2.36, 21:03 2.28: LW 14:58 0.87  Dover (tidal flows) HW 10:37 6.12, 22:51 6.18 

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