Section III Normandy Coast  - 20th June to 13th July; (23 days incl 6 days shore-leave):

We are planning a slow and measured progress along the Normandy Bay, taking in as many of the drying coastal ports as possible and then taking the canal to Caen, via Ouistrehem, where we could take the ferry home to England  for a family wedding. The whole leg, has us visiting some lesser-seen villages and towns and enjoying the markets, cuisine and reflective culture.

Part 1. Monday 19th June Cherbourg to St Vaast le Hougue see Cherbourg to St Vaast le Hougue 2017

Part 2. Wednesday 21st St Vaast le Hougue to Grand Camp Maisy see St Vaast le Hougue to Grandcamp Maisy 2017

Part 3. Thursday 22nd June Grand Camp Maisy to Port-en-Basin see Grandcamp Maisy to Port-en-Bessin-2017

Part 4. Monday 26th June Port-en-Basin via Ouistrehem Pegasus Bridge, Ranville) see Port-en-Bessin to Pegasus-2017

Part 5. Tuesday 27th June Pegasus Bridge, Ranville via Orme Canal to Caen see Pegasus to Caen 2017Ouistrehem to Deauville/Trouville 2017

Part 6. Thursday 29th/ Friday 30 June Caen to Pegasus Bridge, Ranville and on to Ouistrehem Marina Caen to Ouistrehem via Pegasus Bridge 2017

(Shore leave Sat 1st July Ferry Caen to Portsmouth depart 08.30 arriving 13.15: Returning Thurs/Fri 6th/7th July Portsmouth to Caen depart 22.45 arriving 0740)

Part 7. Saturday 8th July Ouistrehem (Caen) to Deaville/Trouville see Ouistrehem to Deauville/Trouville 2017

Part 9. Sunday 9th July  Deaville/Trouville to Honfleur see Deauville to Honfleur 2017

Part 10. Thursday 13th Honfleur to Le Havre see Honfleur to Le Havre 2017


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