My Paper Charts: It has been my custom, since starting sea cruising over 20 years and 6-7,000 nautical miles ago, to use the latest paper charts, corrected with Notices to Mariners.

Upon these charts, and with the use of a Yeoman, I have plotted my course manually and this technique has suited me well.

This Chart Database, detailed from the link above, lists those I keep in my capacious Broom Ocean 42 chart table, and shows their status at any moment in time. ** Last Updated 26th June 2015**

Beyond this,  I have forsaken the modern expedient of GPS plotters, whose screens and viewability I have always found to be too small for my taste; just using their positioning and auto-pilot driving functions

My Computer Navigation:

Whilst sporting two fixed SatNav sets for choice (and onother hand-held one for good measure, all with common plugs and sockets for interchageability) I have also been using PC laptops for the majority of the time as well, driving a large bridge-mounted sunlight-viewable monitor with a flush-mounted mouse. My NMEA hub allows routes and waypoints to be freely interchanged between them all and the Yeoman. 

My latest navigation software has been MaxSea, which program's use of multiple charts and chart windows allows the best comparison of raster and vector alternatives when in mid-passage. Often Chart Cd's will come with many foreign charts and the use of a computer allows these to be employed to good effect. 

Dutch Waterways

Dutch Waterways

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