Tuesday 16th June Ref: 2015/10

This was our second leg of the cruise along the South Coast of England which we plan to complete in this month of  June 2015. In the previous passage, we had stopped short of cruising the whole way to Brighton because it meant arriving at low water, which they cannot accommodate for vessels with <1m draft these days (!) and it would also have meant a passage of more than ten hours in total at our fuel-saving speeds. Conveniently, the weather was fine two days after we arrived in Eastbourne, leaving the intervening day for rest and recuperation. 

Fine weather, comfort and economy were again the objective but this was planned to a relatively short passage of 3 hours at 8 knots and therefore, on these long June days of maximum daylight from an 'all-tide' port, we could choose a time of departure to carry the tide and arrive at the Brighton Marina, Black Rock, at least 3 hours before low water. In fact the 12 noon LT lock got us out of the Sovereign Harbour Moles early and so we cruised at 7knots, for 3hrs 30mins which was even more economical.

The course took us SSW past the headland and then the long leg in shallower water to the marina entrance. The waypoint chosen is one for longer passages and so we cut the corner as conditions were so calm as just predicted 

The weather could not have been better; very light winds, smooth seas, warm temperatures and good visibility. 

The weather details were: 28degC-31degC; RH 31-39-31%; 1026/7 mb steady;  0.2-0.3m wave-height, smooth/slight seas, good viz, wind 4-8 knots wind gusting 8 knots (variable)


Cruise Data

Distance: 25  nm (23 thro' the water)

Total to date: 471 nm

Avg Speed: 6.5 kn (7 thro'water)

Starting: 11:00 hrs UTC (Eastbourne Lock)

Ending: 14:30 hrs UTC (Brighton Marina Piers)

Duration: 3:30 hrs

Diesel: 36 ltrs (estimates)

Mooring: Eastbourne £40/metre, 2 days

Electricity: by 10Kwt card but supply fortunately jammed on!

Water: included

WiFi : 4 hours daily one device free

Inshore Forecast

N. Foreland to Selsey Bill  Variable 3 or less, becoming westerly or southwesterly  later. Sea state. Smooth or slight. Weather Fair. Visibility. Moderate or good

Local Predicted Grib: variable (mainly E/SE;ly) 5-6 knots, calm/smooth

Eastbourne Windfiocal Predicted Grib: v 4-6 knots from NE, waves 0.2 to 0.3 (from ENE) calm/smooth

Brighton Windfinder V 3-8 knots (gus 8, mainly SE), waves 0.3-0.2m (from E) F2 smooth/slight

Tides (UTC)

Dover (for tidal flow reference) HW 10:47 6.5 & 23:09 6.6 LW 18:14 0.9

Eastbourne: HW 10:54 7.0 LW 04:57 0.9 & 17:20 0.8

Brighton HW: 10:55 6.3  LW 04:39 0.9 & 17:02 0.9

Shoreham (for Ref) : HW 10:59 6.1 & 23:17 6.2: LW 04:39 0.6 & 17:01 0.7


(see Chart Database)

5605.5, 5605.4


(see Waypoint Database)

56, 74, 75 

VHF Channels

 EAstbourne 17, Brighton 80/37

Bridges - Lifting


Locks (LT)

Eastbourne Dock, on hour and half hour 


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