Sunday 15th May to Monday 16th May Ref: 2016/2

Excellent proving cruise in still airs and calm seas off Yarmouth and Lowestoft. All systems working well except my Navman 200 diesel fuel monitor/ rev counter which is duplicated my other instruments and so not important.

After a late start necessitated by our need to drop Max off at his kennels no earlier than 5.30 pm, the first leg on Sunday evening May 30th was chilly at this time of year, but we made good progress and managed to moor up at Reedham Quay in reach of the shore-power pods and so we were comfortable for the night, sharing four hot water bottle between us! Up late referencing in charts to my newly-reset Yeoman and plotting waypoints on my new boat computer system. 

Having cancelled our earlier bridge and settling for the 11.45am Haven lift, we had time enough to get ready to cruise on the morning of Monday 16th May and the weather was fine if still a little chilly. This was good timing and the prior use of the swing bridges at Reedham, Breydon and The Haven as we made use of the Breydon Water waiting pontoon to time our arrival at the latter.

The sea cruise could not have been better weather-wise and we arrived at the welcoming and commodious accommodation at The Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Yacht Club basin having dodged the precision dredging operation conducted outside by the Orka rig. 

The rest of the day planning our North Sea crossing for tomorrow, matching wind and tide vectors for the best possible passage  before an enjoyable evening dining in the RNSYC restuarant

Cruise Data

Distance: 27 nm

Total to date: 59 nm

Avg Speed: 5.5 kn

Duration: 5:00 hrs

Diesel: 76 ltrs

Mooring: Brundall; Free; Reedham Free; Lowestoft £34.45

Electricity: Free

Water: Free

WiFi: Free


Norfolk Broads, Admiralty 1835 (both halves)

Tides (UTC, Neaps)

Dover: HW 07:16 5.4, 19:35 5.6 &  LW 14:14 2.0

Lowestoft: HW 06:06 3.2 & 17:38 2.2 LW 11:52 1.3

Gorleston:  LW 12:52 

Bridges - opening

Reedham Swing ch12

Breydon Bridge 15ft, swung Ch12

haven Bridge swung Ch12, 9.15LT

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