Voyages of Lady Martina – our 2017 season plans and subsequent achievements

This section summarises the cruises planned for Lady Martina in 2017 and evolves with constant updates and additions.

Whilst plans were always subject to the weather, the serviceability of the vessel and health and well-being of the crew, this summarises our cruising intentions and acts as a guide for friends and family who we wanted to visit us at every opportunity as valued guests.

As our plans for individual cruises take the reader to the details of each passage as they happen. 

Section I  - East Coast  – 21st May to 11th June (21 days incl. 5 days shore-leave and 6 days shelter)

Movement of Lady Martina from her home base of Horning via Great Yarmouth to Brundall for certain necessary repairs and then down the East Coast as a start to the season. Spending some time completing the repairs and adjustments, the need for which always accompanies a new season’s cruising, whilst staying close to home and enjoying the picturesque and wild landscapes of the East Coast of Anglia. For an overview, see East Coast Cruises 2017

Part 1. Monday 22nd May to Tuesday 23rd May Horning to Brundall (Achieved) see  Horning to Brundall 2017

Part 2. Wednesday 24th May to Friday 26th May Brundall to Southwold (Achieved) see  Brundall to Southwold 2017

Part 3. Sunday 28th May Southwold to Woodbridge (Achieved)  see Southwold to Woodbridge 2017

Part 4. Wednesday 31st May Woodbridge to Ipswich (Achieved) Woodbridge to Ipswich 2017

(2-days shore leave in Horning)

Part 5. Saturday 3rd June Ipswich to Ramsgate (Achieved) Ipswich to Ramsgate 2017

(3rd to 8th Sheltering In Ramsgate due to bad weather)

(9th to 11th shore leave in Horning by car hire)

Section II - South Coast – 13th to 17th June 2016 (5 days):

Unfortunately, after such splendidly warm, sunny and calm weather and progress down the East Coast to Ramsgate, the weather broke and stormy seas and winds delayed our further progress. By good planning, we were in the shelter of the inner marina at Ramsgate and spent five days undertaking repairs/maintenance and planning future cruises before taking some shore leave to deal with matters at home.  We then planned to progress along the Sussex and Hampshire coasts to Portsmouth and then the Isle of Wight, before crossing The English Channel for the next section in France.  For an overview, see South Coast Cruises 2017

Part 1. Tuesday 13th June Ramsgate to Brighton (Achieved) see Ramsgate to Brighton 2017

Part 2. Wednesday 14th June Brighton to Portsmouth (Achieved) see Brighton to Portsmouth 2017

Part 3. Friday 16th June Portsmouth to Lymington (Achieved) see Portsmouth to Lymington 2017

Part 4. Saturday 17th June Lymington to Cherbourg (Achieved) see Lymington to Cherbourg 2017

Section III Normandy Coast  - 20th June to 13th July; (23 days incl 6 days shore-leave):

We are planning a slow and measured progress along the Normandy Bay, taking in as many of the drying coastal ports as possible and then taking the canal to Caen, via Ouistrehem, where we could take the ferry home to England  for a family wedding. The whole leg, has us visiting some lesser-seen villages and towns and enjoying the markets, cuisine and reflective culture.

Part 1. Monday 19th June Cherbourg to St Vaast le Hougue see Cherbourg to St Vaast le Hougue 2017

Part 2. Wednesday 21st St Vaast le Hougue to Grand Camp Maisy see St Vaast le Hougue to Grandcamp Maisy 2017

Part 3. Thursday 22nd June Grand Camp Maisy to Port-en-Basin see Grandcamp Maisy to Port-en-Bessin-2017

Part 4. Monday 26th June Port-en-Basin via Ouistrehem Pegasus Bridge, Ranville) see Port-en-Bessin to Pegasus-2017

Part 5. Tuesday 27th June Pegasus Bridge, Ranville via Orme Canal to Caen see Pegasus to Caen 2017Ouistrehem to Deauville/Trouville 2017

Part 6. Thursday 29th/ Friday 30 June Caen to Pegasus Bridge, Ranville and on to Ouistrehem Marina Caen to Ouistrehem via Pegasus Bridge 2017

(Shore leave Sat 1st July Ferry Caen to Portsmouth depart 08.30 arriving 13.15: Returning Thurs/Fri 6th/7th July Portsmouth to Caen depart 22.45 arriving 0740)

Part 7. Saturday 8th July Ouistrehem (Caen) to Deaville/Trouville see Ouistrehem to Deauville/Trouville 2017

Part 9. Sunday 9th July  Deaville/Trouville to Honfleur see Deauville to Honfleur 2017

Part 10. Wednesday 12th July Honfleur to Le Havre see Honfleur to Le Havre 2017


Section IV Pas de Caux & Calais Coast: 13th to 30th July: (18 days);

The major historic ports of the Northern French coast and one or two minor ones, completing our cruise of France and preparing for the cross-channel journey back to England

Part 1. Thursday 13th July Le Havre to Fecamp see Le Havre to Fecamp 2017

Part 2. Saturday 15th July Fecamp to St Valery en Caux see Fecamp to St Valery-en-Caux 2017

Part 2. Monday 17th July St Valery en Caux to Dieppe see St Valery-en-Caux to Dieppe 2017

(Shore leave Wed 19th July Ferry Dieppe to Newhaven depart 12.30 arriving 15.30: Returned Sun 23rd July Ferry Newhaven to Dieppe depart 16.30 arriving 21:30)  We returned a day earlier than scheduled to take advantage of a small break in the weather.

Part 3. Tuesday 25th Dieppe to Boulogne see Dieppe to Boulogne 2017


Section V South & East Coast : 1st to 8th August (8 days)

Crossing the English Channel to Ramsgate and Cruising home up the East Coast in short order to suit the weather and other personal priorities and resuming our passage towards home

Part 1 Tuesday 1st August Dunkirk to Ramsgate see Boulogne to Ramsgate 2017

Part 2. Sunday 6th August Ramsgate to Ipswich see Ramsgate to Ipswich 2017

Part 3. Tuesday 8th August Ipswich to Horning see Ipswich via Yarmouth to Horning 2017

(Home to Ropes Hill Dyke Horning )

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