Saturday 15th June Ref: 2019/3


A very early cruise taking advantage of the better first half of the day of weather and also carrying the tide all of the way down the coast from Lowestoft and up to Orwell river to Ipswich taking advantage of a good first half day of calm weather to carry all the time away down the coast and up the Orwell to arrive at Ipswich dock just in time before the end of free flow and then mooring in the Haven Marina close to the office for a good Wi-Fi signal.

I had persuaded Kathleen that we should leave very early this morning to take advantage of some calm bright weather to cruise down the coast from Lowestoft past Harwich and up the River Orwell to Ipswich where we moored at the Ipswich Haven Marina. This was a masterpiece of planning, as this early departure time not only took advantage of the calm weather (with a gentle breeze of 3-7 knots ) but also was timed to take advantage of the flood tide carrying us over two knots faster than our speed through the water such that we only had to cruise 31 miles against the 43 needed to get there! This timing also enabled us to cruise straight through the Ipswich dock lock, albeit being the last craft to do so before high tide.

We could also then enjoy a fine afternoon sitting and working in the sunshine before the weather became damp and blustery again this evening. I spent a long time writing up my ship’s log, uploading articles to my web sites and planning our cruises for the next few days.


16-32degC; RH 77→32%; 1011mb steady ; smooth/slight seas with light and variable 4-7 knot cyclonic breeze, mainly SWly; good visibility

Cruise Data

Distance: 51 nm

Total to date: 87 nm

Avg Speed: 8-9 kn

Duration: 5:45 hrs

Diesel: 86 ltrs

Mooring: 32.63/night at Haven marina

Electricity: Free

Water: Free

WiFi: Free


1535, 1543, 5607.5,5607.6, 5607.2 (B&C)


106, 95-93, 001-002, 126-129, 134-144

Bridges - Fixed


Locks - opening

Ipswich on Freeflow 09:00 until 10:20 UTC

Tides (UTC)

Saturday 15th June: Lowestoft HW 07:57 2.4, 19:53 2.4; LW 13:40 0.6, & 14:00 0.9 Walton-on-Naze HW 10:06 4.1, 22:34 4.2: LW 03:53 0.5 & 16:11 0.8  Ipswich HW 10:26 4.2, 22:42 4.3: LW 03:58 0.4 & 16:16 0.7 

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