Sunday 28th May Ref: 2017/3

Another well-planned and executed cruise from Southwold to Woodbridge Tide Mill, cruising at an economical 10 knots, enjoying slight seas and a 1-2 knot following tide all the way down the coast past Orford Ness to arrive at the mouth of the Deben at High Water for a safe entry over this shallow approach.  Then carrying a further 1.5 knots of favourable flood tide all the way up to the Tide Mill to arrive just before High Water there for maximum clearance over the sill of 2.5m. 

The seas were calm and wind a mere 9-11 knots and our level of preparedness after two days in port set us in good stead for the day’s cruising. Our latest problem had been a water leak from our newly installed high-pressure water system which I had to repair in the bilges. Sandwiches were scarce for the voyage but we shared what we had and then filled in with biscuits etc. and had a flask each of tea and coffee.

I was  wondering why my colleagues had suggested visiting Woodbridge first and then returning to Southwold. It would mean cruising at speed along the coast and rushing up the Deben against an ebb flow; risking upsetting  moored boats in the process and then only just making the Tide Mill barrier access by inches of depth. Then I would be battling the tide again today and struggling to get up to Southwold and to find moorings at this very popular port there having settled for a late arrival. By contrast, we arrived at Southwold half an hour before high tide yesterday and then today we carried a following tide all the way down the coast and up the Deben where we had an extra 3m of depth at the difficult tricky entrance and then had 2.5m of depth over the barrier upon arrival. It was a splendid day, very slight seas and sunny warm weather and good visibility. 

We arrived just after High Water and were directed to our finger berth which presented no difficulties given the breeze had dropped to almost nothing. We used the hose to wash Lady Martina down and free of salt and then filled up the tanks that I had left empty for economy during the trip. Shore power was available but the marina WiFi was a challenge, radiating very closely to their office and shower block and then being very slow from over-use , but each of our computers could connect one at a time by me using the BT-Fon service for access by BT internet customers and that served us well

Temp 27>32degC, RH 49>37%, Pressure 1017mb steady, good visibility (occ mod at Deben Entrance), calm/slight seas with wind 8-10 knots Sly


Cruise Data

Distance: 34 nm

Total to date: 108 nm

Avg Speed: 8kn

Duration: 4:15 hrs

Diesel: 64 ltrs

Mooring: £59.10 (2 nights) Southwold

Electricity: £4.30/night at Southwold (incl. in above)

Water: Free


Southwold Ch 12

Deben Ch 08

Woodbridge Tide Mill Marina Ch80


Norfolk Broads, 1543, 5607.5, 5607.8, Deben Chartlet


101, 102, 001, 092, 395, 168, 396, 397, 398

Locks and Bridges


Tides (UTC)

Sunday 28th May: Lowestoft HW 11:00 2.6, 23:31 2.6; LW 04:59 0.5, & 17:26 0.4 Southwold HW 12:05 2.6: LW 04:04 0.5 & 16:31 0.4: Walton-on-Naze HW 00:57 4.7, 13:27 4.4; LW 07:06 0.4, & 19:38 0.3 Deben Entr. HW 00:57 4.2 13:30 3.9: LW 06:46 0.4 & 19:18 0.3; Woodbridge Tide Mill HW 02:00

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