After missing the intended cruise to The Netherlands, due to the work at our forest in Norfolk, we just had time for a local trip for a few days cruising in a very relaxed way around the Upper Bure from Horning

On the first of the few days, we ventured no further that Horning itself, crossing the river and finding a berth on Horning Staithe; where we could watch the Horning Regatta (in full flow this week) from our privileged position, utilise the very generous BA electricity to keep the boat cool and start our few days of relaxation. 

On the second day, dropped briefly into Ropes Hill Dyke and stopped at Heronshaw for some items that we forgot and then cruising down the river Bure, along Ranworth Dyke to Ranworth Staithe. An hour waiting for a space to become free, after which we were able to spend the rest of the day there, enjoying the sunshine, the ice creams and the walk to St Helen’s Church and sent to its tower summit.

On the third day, after expressing concern to Brooms engineers over the ‘whining’ noises coming from our port transmission, after the stern gland was tightened, the problem appeared to have cleared up today as we successfully cruised from Ranworth Staithe to Potter Heigham bridge. It was another very hot day but the breeze was our salvation as I steered Lady Martina using the remote control from a well ventilated and cool position. Some toast and tea under way, and then shopping expeditions to Latham’s before relaxing in the heat for the rest of the day 

On our fourth day, launching Lady Martina's tender and passing under Potter Heigham Bridge up the Thurne, across Heigham Sound and up Candle Dyke to Horsey Staithe via Horsey Mere. A chance to see the windmill renovation and sit and eat our packed lunch before re-tracing our route back


Temp 25>30 deg C, RH 47-70%RH, Pressure 1018>1023 mb slowly rising, good visibility with light breeze mainly Ely less than 8 knots

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