Saturday 15th August Ref: 2020/2


After a very disappointing experience with the Southwold harbour, which entailed leaving the moorings in an indecent hurry, we had a good trip back to the club at Lowestoft with the boat performing well and we arrived in time for me to drive to Ipswich for some new charts and diesel protection additive. There had just been Lady Martina and one other private boat moored for the two days that we were visiting, with 4/5 free moorings, which was a shame.

It was a different officer to yesterday and this one knew nothing of any efforts by the other to accommodate us for a further day and insisted that we had to leave as he had five boats arriving. We could not even stay during the day, and had to leave immediately. When pressed, he had no idea when they were due to arrive, and upon which tide, nor where they were going from which was all very unsatisfactory. We heard that three boats had been expected and had not arrived but, with the office unmanned for most of the day and the phone ringing constantly. there seemed little chance of contact and visitors were obviously discouraged.

This had been another good trip, with Lady Martina and all of her equipment all working satisfactorily. There had been a slight salt water leakage into the starboard bilge, which was traced to a leaking stern gland that could be tightened when next accessibly or the gland could be re-packed when next out of the water.

22-25 degC; RH 78→71%; 1015mb steady ; smooth/slight seas with 9-11 knot breeze, mainly NEly; mod/poor visibility turning into fog after our arrival

Cruise Data

Distance: 13 nm

Total to date: 44 nm

Avg Speed: 8-9 kn

Duration: 1:30 hrs

Diesel: 20-30 ltrs

Mooring: £37.50/night at Southwold Harbour

Electricity: £4.30

Water: Free

WiFi: Free


1535, 1543


106, 95-93, 102-101

Bridges - Fixed


Locks - opening


Tides (UTC)

Saturday 15th August: Southwold HW 07:27 2.2, 19:46 2.2: LW 11:21 1.1 :Lowestoft HW 06:22 2.1, 18:41 2.2; LW 12:26 1.2, Dover (tidal flows) HW 07:56 5.4, 20:15 5.6 

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