This section describes the cruises that took Lady Martina back into commission as a result of an urgent need to accommodate , Louise Busby, The Cruise leader of the Brooms Cruise to The Netherlands after her own vessel, Lady Alison, became un-serviceable at the last moment.

This involved taking it from our home mooring In Horning to Brundall via Great Yarmouth and then, after commissioning the last minute work needed to be done by Brooms after several years of little use of the vessel, leading the Broom boats vessels down via Lowestoft and across the North Sea

Kathleen was gradually recovering from her suspected fractured elbow which she had injured on the very day of departure rendering her arm unusable and very painful. There was this to cope with, plus the presence of my former partner on board.   It is a tribute to her tenacity and enjoyment of cruising that this did not put her off of cruising after this baptism of fire!


Dutch Waterways

Dutch Waterways

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