Tuesday 18th August Ref: 2020/3


Cruising from Lowestoft to Wells with a perfectly-timed passage to have wind with the following Spring Tide, then slightly delayed by an earlier-than-predicted tidal flow change but we still arrived at Wells Harbour around an hour before high water. Then shown in behind Robert Smith in the harbour launch as the heavens opened with thundery rain.  We tied up at the new pontoons with electricity and water readily available

The breeze was 9-12 knots breeze, now SWly Force 3/4 strength with a following tide of 2 to 3 knots for the first two thirds of the passage keeping the sea state smooth to slight, but the tide turned a little earlier than prediction, delayed our passage by about 15mins and made for a slight sea rather than smooth. 

As we were off Blakeney Point, we heard from Wells Harbour VHF traffic that a flotilla of sailing yachts from the Royal Harwich Yacht Club were ahead of us a little early on the tide and preoccupied the harbour staff until then. We then made our presence known on VHF and the harbour launch was ready for us at the entrance for pilotage and they had kept an alongside berth for us in the favourable spot near to the west of the pontoon. 

The overall weather had been warm and close and the predicted thunderstorms arrived as we started our approach, saturating the poor harbourmaster but relieving us of the task of washing down the boat! Fortunately and considerately, it paused as we moored and went ashore for a takeaway fish and chips and then resumed with a vengeance. 

Lady Martina was functioning well the cruise was completed without problem. 

27-29 degC; RH 64→50%; 1008→1005mb falling slowly ; smooth/slight seas with 10-12 knot SWly breeze, good visibility fine with thundery showers and downpours developing later

Cruise Data

Distance: 55 nm

Total to date: 99 nm

Avg Speed: 8-5-9.5 kn

Duration: 6:15 hrs

Diesel: 150-160 ltrs

Mooring: £30/night at Wells Harbour

Electricity: incl.

Water: Free

WiFi: Free


5614.3, 5614.5(6), 5614.6(5), 5614.7


106, 095.097,099,113,114,149 then pilotage

Bridges - Fixed


Locks - opening


Tides (UTC)

Tuesday 18th August: Lowestoft HW 08:40 2.5, 21:17 24 LW 02:25 1.0 : LW 15:02 0.7 (Immingham) HW 05:08 6.8, 17:41 6.9: LW 11:40 1.3 : LW 23:53 1.5, Wells HW 05:28 5.5, 18:01 5.6 Dover (tidal flows) HW 10:21 6.4, 17:43 1.1 

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