Waterland is a recent name adopted by a region of North Holland centred on the town of Monnikendam but mainly taking in Edam and the villages of Marken, Uitdam, Broek in Waterland, Ilpendam, Watergang, Katwoude and Overleek. Featuring well-preserved buildings, open peat meadow landscape countryside which has been granted National Heritage status

Our route out of Amsterdam from the Noorzeekanaal takes us up and along the West Coast of the Markermeer, taking in the fascinating principal venues of Marken, Edam, Hoorn and Enkuizen; all former traditional coastal ports before the isolation of the meres from the sea. Also a brief stop at Volundam en route to Edam

Part 1. Amsterdam  to Marken http://www.ladymartina.com/cruise-logs/2016/east-coast-cruises-10/lowestoft-ijmuiden4-3/amsterdam-imarken-4

Part 2. Marken to Monnickendam see http://www.ladymartina.com/cruise-logs/2016/east-coast-cruises-10/lowestoft-ijmuiden4-3/marken-monnickendam-5

Part 2a. Monnickendam to Broek in Waterland and back by bicycle http://www.ladymartina.com/cruise-logs/2016/east-coast-cruises-10/lowestoft-ijmuiden4-3/marken-monnickendam-6

Part 3. Monnickendam to Volendam see http://www.ladymartina.com/cruise-logs/2016/east-coast-cruises-10/lowestoft-ijmuiden4-3/monnickendam-to-volendam-2

Part 4. Volendam to Edam see http://www.ladymartina.com/cruise-logs/2016/east-coast-cruises-10/lowestoft-ijmuiden4-3/monnickendam-to-volendam-2

Part 4a. Lay Day in Edam see http://www.ladymartina.com/cruise-logs/2016/east-coast-cruises-10/lowestoft-ijmuiden4-3/layday-in-edam-4



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