The pace of life in Friesland suits this riverside 'car boot' sale we chanced upon whilst waiting for a bridge in Ossenzijl


Lady Martina and its crew had a great three days at the Giethoorn water-borne tourism magnet and then we moved north to the peace of quiet Freise villages of Heerenveen and on to Terherne. The rest of our Dutch cruise to the middle of July is now planned taking in several more towns and villages whilst timing our arrival in Makkum for Ikon's Yanmar engines to be tuned by the experts. We will then head for Amsterdam and time our passage back to England according to the calm weather windows. You can see  Lady Martina Schedule of Voyages 2019 for day-by-day news of her latest adventures.

Our movements are still visible on the public AIS (Automatic Identification System) site free of charge. For our ever changing location  see Lady Martina's AIS position  

For information on the Broom Owners Club visit, and for information on the 'Inland Waterways of the Netherlands' (available this year as a 2nd Edition), visit For more information about David's life and times, visit and on the Cruising Association (for which David remains as its Honorary Local Representative for Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft and The Broads) visit 

If you have been, thanks for reading :-)

May you always have Fair Winds and Favourable Tides ...

Lady Martina, Terherne, Friesland  Thursday 4th July 2019





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