Voyages of Lady Martina – our 2019 season plans and subsequent achievements

This section summarises the cruises planned for Lady Martina in 2019 and evolves with constant updates and additions.

  • Noordzeekanaal Figures Opposite Zijkanaal G
  • 2-RaftingJHHierroFuelBerth
  • Moored at the JH ZV De Onderlinge in Zaandijk

Whilst plans were always subject to the weather, the serviceability of the vessel and health and well-being of the crew, this summarises our cruising intentions and acts as a guide for friends and family who we wanted to visit us at every opportunity as valued guests.

As our plans for individual cruises take the reader to the details of each passage as they happen. 

Section I  - East Coast  – 10th June to 18th June (9 days incl. 4 lay-days)

Movement of Lady Martina from her home base of Horning via Great Yarmouth to Lowestoft for the first simple cruise of the season as a proving trial after a year of inactivity and then on to Ipswich, back to Southwold positioning ourselves ready for the North Sea crossing to IJmuiden.  Thus staying close to home and enjoying the picturesque and wild landscapes of the East Coast of Anglia as a start to the season.  For an overview, see East Coast Cruises 2019


Part 1. Monday 11th June  - Horning to Great Yarmouth  see  Horning to Great Yarmouth 2019

Part 2. Wednesday 12th June - Great Yarmouth to Lowestoft see   Great Yarmouth to Lowestoft 2019

Part 3. Saturday 15th June Lowestoft to Ipswich see  Lowestoft to Ipswich 2019

Part 4. Monday 17th June Ipswich to Woodbridge Tide Mill see Ipswich to Woodbridge 2019

Part 5. Wednesday 19th June Woodbridge Tide Mill to Lowestoft Woodbridge to Lowestoft 2019


Section II - North Sea Passage 21st June (1 day)

Part 1. Friday 21st June  - Lowestoft to IJmuiden  


Section III - Netherlands Cruises 22nd June to 15th July (21 days)


Part 1. Saturday 22nd June  - Beverwijk to Zaansdjk see  Beverwijk to Zaansdijk 2019


Part 2 Monday 24th June - Zannsdjk -

The rest of our Dutch itinerary has still to be planned but for an eventual overview, see Lady Martina Schedule of Voyages 2019




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