Passages in Lady Martina are made with use of routes based upon a waypoint database that has been built up and updated over some 20 years and safely cruising many thousands of nautical miles in the oceans and estuaries of Northern Europe. 

Of course, all skippers are responsible for charting their own waypoints and, if too may of us used the same ones, we would collide more often :-). That said, others are welcome to consider mine (via the link above) for their passages and, when in conjunction with reading my Cruising Log, to understand more fully the choices I have made.

Now that the 2017 cruising season has been well underway, and charts for the east and south coasts of England have been updated and used,  the list has been edited to make sense of the changes in harbours and navigation channels. This comes after it was extended in January to include a large section for Denmark, easily accessed through Germany via the Kiel Canaland then modified in June after some early-season corrections

There are more direct routes that could have been chosen, with many passing further inshore, but it is my preference to cruise offshore, often experiencing calmer conditions in deeper water by avoiding overfalls and certainly missing the crab pots and fishing markers which is a bonus!

May you have many Fair winds and Favourable Tides!

David Broad, Ramsgate,  July 2017

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