Monday 20th June  Ref: 2016/18

A wet trip from IJlst to Sneek and,  although the day had started wet and windy, (and then ended up very wet), we managed to keep the ‘porch’ extension canopy in place as we cruised and so kept reasonably dry. It was a very short trip from IJlst to Sneek, just 3nm and much less than an hour, but we had to pass through three bridges that all lifted easily and so it was an easy trip

  • Approaching Sneek Waterport
  • Taking on water at sneek Simmerrak marina
  • Moored in Sneek

The most startling part of the cruise was passing over a new aqueduct when twelve years ago my track showed us passing over what is now filled in land! Once we arrived at Sneek, I just about circumnavigated the town, found a place to top up with water for €0.50c and then we moored in a part of the Simmerrak that was right close to the town and had un-metered electricity as a key benefit.

The rain then poured and poured and still I could find no Internet connection and my phone was still not working properly and so I was quite frustrated. Fortunately, upon leaving Max in the boat and shopping in the town in the pouring rain, we managed to find a Vodafone shop and get my phone packages reconnected, also find an electrical components shop to find what I needed to be able to use my Pure Evoke radio and then a pet shop where we could buy a bag of dog food for Max. This was therefore quite a refitting stayover..

We also bought a new low-wattage kettle but later on I excelled myself and took the old kettle apart, found the problem and fixed it! I was able to get my internet radio working too later; which will be great to receive Uk broadcasts. The best thing of all was that I was opposite a marine engineer who specialised in cables and I was able to find what I needed in order to renovate my davit wires and was even introduced to an engineer who will come the next day to fit them!

After another nice meal made by Kathleen, I changed and went off in a search of a sport pub that would have the England football match on and I duly found one and watched them fight out a draw to progress to the next round of Euro 2016

18-24 degC, 78-68%RH, 1014-1017  mb pressure rising, good viz, wet and windy, F3/4, with a 4-15kn SWly breeze

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