Friday 10th July Ref: 2015/17

After the very enjoyable few days in Guernsey, it was time to move on to Jersey and again the right weather and tides were absolutely essential for crossing this very open section of the Atlantic, very much exposed to swells and waves from the south west. There was a choice of two days to go; this day and the day before and, although the 9th held out the prospect of slightly less wind, this day had the swell reducing after the period of calm as it takes a while

  • Lady Martina in St Peter Port
  • Sadly leaving St Peter Port
  • Arriving in St Helier

By adopting our optimum economical cruising speed of 8 knots, the tides are most favourable a while before LW St Peter Port so as to arrive in St Helier with the tides following. Unfortunately the exit window at St Peter Port Victoria Marina is only around 2hrs +_ HW (or a little more with care) and so that is not a solution. Fortunately, St Peters Port had installed excellent pontoons in the outer harbour which have water and shore access, if no electricity, and so we arranged to move from our inner berth to one of those the day before.

We really cracked the weather and passage plan this time and experienced wind of max 9kn falling to 3-4kn from the East and the swell was insignificant from the W. There was poorer conditions forecast to come and this was confirmed as the glass was falling during the trip. By adopting my preferred course of giving Port Corbiere a very wide berth, we made doubly sure of a comfortable passage

It was a fine and sunny day on arrival with 21-33degC, 71-31%RH, 1019mb falling to 1015mb, slight seas, 5-8kn from East. good viz


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