Debbie Broad and Susan Cariello joined us in Ramsgate for a cruise up the Thames into London. Top Shop, and rueda at La Finca and Bar Salsa were highlights of the stay, as well as the chance to see the sights of London from the river. 

  • Passing under QE2 bridge on the way up the Thames
  • Debbie & Susan on board
  • Debbie, Lou & Susan at Limehouse Basin
  • Setting off shopping from Limehouse DLR
  • Making our way up the Thames
  • Globe Theatre
  • Golden Hind
  • Houses of Parliament
  • London Eye
  • City Hall on the South bank
  • Tower of London
  • Traitors Gate
  • Approaching Tower Bridge
  • Sculling a Thames Barge
  • The Lock entrance at St Katharines
  • Lady Martina at St Katharines

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